Gold Diamond Ranch

Among the other activities has been a trip to the Hutchings' Gold Diamond Ranch to learn about horsemanship. Many students jumped at this chance to learn more about horses: “I think that this [trip] was the best idea ever…overall the experience was quite eventful and fun…I enjoyed every second,” said DSU freshman Casey Burke. He later remarked, “I’ve always been a little bit country; now I think I remember why.” Whether it is an interest in the outdoors, a wish to socialize with others who share your love for southern Utah, or simply curiosity to see what activities southern Utah offers, the Redrock Outdoors Club offers the perfect chance to get outside and do something.

Jacob Hamblin House

We also visited the Jacob Hamblin historical dwelling in Santa Clara this spring to learn about LDS history and the relations between Jacob Hamblin and the native Shivwits southern Paitutes.

Yoga on Dixie Rock

April 2010 100
Early in the morning, before heat and hikers descended upon us, we met for yoga in a place where we could enjoy the view overlooking St. George. Some of the areas on the rock's surface were uneven, but this challenged balance and therefore enhanced the workout. Yoga is great for gaining strength and flexibility as well as peace of mind. Any and all levels are welcome to further meetings to learn and teach together.

Remembering a Tragedy: Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

The Red Rock Outdoors Club organized a short hike to the Mountain Meadows Massacre memorial and viewing site. A knowledgeable guide, who provided an extensive narration of the events of September 1857, led the hikers to the viewing area on the side of a hill where they were able to overlook the lush green meadows where the massacre occurred. The group then visited the memorial to the victims, constructed by the LDS church at the site of the mass grave into which the bodies were unceremoniously dumped (some years after the accident the U.S. government exhumed the bodies and sent them to the next of kin for a proper burial). The mood was somber as the guide recounted the gruesome details of the tragedy. Despite the grisly story, the hikers enjoyed learning more about the history of Southern Utah. One member wrote, “the trip helped me understand the history better by seeing the actual ground I’d heard so much about.”

Kaibab Southern Paitute Visit

We drove out to the Kaibab Reservation between Colorado City and Fredonia to visit with and learn about the Kaibab tribe. The reservation is just north of Pipe Spring National Monument and next to a small town called Moccasin. The structure in the picture below shows a historical dwelling that could house numerous family members. When the reservation was modernized in the 1970s, though, most of these houses were torn down and replaced by HUD houses.