Red Rock Outdoors Club

Our Mission Statement:

The Red Rock Outdoors Club provides an environment for students and members of the community to learn about and appreciate Southern Utah by participating in outdoor activities: hiking in the desert, condor viewing trips, outdoor photographic instruction and more. Our overall goal is to provide and develop a community for DSU students and St. George residents alike to share their enthusiasm for the region by being involved in outdoors events. Participants will enjoy the unique landscape, without harming it, and learn to preserve it for current and future generations. Because all events have an academic component, we have established a bibliography and a review section of works about the region for all those who enjoy learning about Utah and the Southwest.


Next Club Event: Geo-Cashing with Sasha Depew More Announcements


With this spring semester also arrives a fresh chance for all students to get involved with community concerns as well as other students by participating in the Red Rock Outdoor Book Club! Our focus will be particularly on Western texts and will aid the student in understanding the Western beginnings leading up to present day. Get involved in understanding the home you live in as well as interact with other like-minded individuals eager to learn. Activities will be planned to get out into nature as well as to meet and discuss books. See also "EVENTS."